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Search for your images on the internet and see where, how, and by whom they are being used. Use these results to achieve the goals of your company, or your own goals more quickly. Everything presented clearly and simply in our innovative user interface –
the LAPIXA Monitorer.

Everything in sight

Our algorithms track your visual content everywhere around the world

Learn & evaluate

Discover how and by whom your images are being used

Use your results

Use the detailed reporting and documentation to improve your business

Top notch Technology &
User Interface

Our reverse image search algorithm constantly searches the internet to look for your images. You can view the results in our innovative user interface – the LAPIXA Monitorer – which allows you to easily see the results and gain insights into your visual content.

International Search

Find out where in the world your images are being used. The LAPIXA Monitorer allows you to filter the results for just the specific regions, languages or domains you are interested in.

Detailed Reporting

The LAPIXA Monitorer offers you a variety of details concerning the images found and websites where these were found on. We also provide comprehensive and customizing reporting.