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Find your images worldwide, Even if they have been altered icon

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Find your images worldwide, Even if they have been altered icon

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    Smart Image Recognition

    We have one of the leading Reverse Image Search algorithms. Even if your image has been altered- whether it be color changes, text overlays, or heavily photoshopped- our reliable technology will find it on the web.

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    Worldwide Crawl

    Our software scans the internet to find uses of your images worldwide.

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    Over 9 Million Matches Found

    Our software has found over 9 million matches for our clients, with more being discovered daily.

LAPIXA scans the internet 24/7 to find your content

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  • icon Stress-Free

    If you want legal support with LAPIXA, submit your case with just one click. We will review it to ensure that it’s a promising prospect for you and then pass it on to our lawyers. This process saves you time, energy, and money.

  • icon Risk-Free

    Our lawyers work on commission and have no hidden costs. Even if the case is unsuccessful, you will not be charged.

  • icon Over 10,000 Cases Won

    Our lawyers have a success rate of 80%.

  • icon International Team

    Supported by our team of international lawyers, we can legally pursue cases in the following countries; Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Israel, Great Britain, and the USA. However, the Image Finder discovers your images across the internet, regardless of the country it was posted from.

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  • icon Connect your Networks

    LAPIXA supports automatic uploading from Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive and various other platforms.

  • icon Bulk Upload

    Easily upload thousands of images in just one click.

  • icon Automatic Updates

    Sit back while our software works for you! Our sync automatically uploads any newly found images to your dashboard.

More than 20,000 photographers work with LAPIXA


“Shortly after I started working with LAPIXA, they tracked down the unlawful use of one of my images by a major brand. A super commitment and a more than courteous service have brought me 8,000€ of additional income without any extra effort.”

Per Zentrömm Professional Photographer | Sweden


“If a picture is stolen, you don’t have to feel guilty about charging money for it. Unfortunately, these processes are usually very time-consuming, because people are not familiar with them. With LAPIXA it’s a piece of cake. Upload pictures – wait – get money – go on vacation! Great service!”

Calvin Hollywood Professional Photographer | Germany


“I am very pleased with the results from my collaboration with LAPIXA. I have been working with LAPIXA for a few months now and have received a surprising amount of royalties for unauthorized image uses with very little effort. Amazing how often my images have been used without my knowledge! Many thanks to the LAPIXA team!”

Dieter Leistner Professional Photographer | Germany


of images are used without a license


Matches found with LAPIXA Image Finder


Approx. copies found per image


of cases won

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