photo equipment

Essential Photo Equipment Every Photographer Needs

No matter if you shoot indoors or outdoors, here are our top picks for essential camera accessories every photographer should have:

  • Camera bag
    Store all your photo equipment in one place and protect your camera: lenses, memory cards, remotes, etc. Backpacks are a great option to distribute the weight of your heavy camera accessories evenly.
  • Tripod
    To get crisp photos when you’re shooting in low light or at night, your camera has to be steady; therefore, a tripod or gorillapod (with flexible arms) comes in handy. A tripod is also useful for selfies or taking videos.
  • Remote
    When you’re shooting with a tripod, a wireless shutter release is a must-have for your photo equipment because you’ll need it for selfies, family portraits as well as night images.
  • Lenses
    A 50 mm 1.8 lense is recommended for first timers, whereas others are made for more specific types of photos. Portraits can be shot well with an 85 mm lense, landscapes with +/- 24 mm lenses, macros with > 90 mm lenses, and wide angles with < 20 mm lenses. Focal length and aperture will determine the outcome of your images.
  • Memory card wallet
    A memory card wallet lets you store and protect all your memory cards in one place. Don’t forget to label them when they’re full.
  • Cleaning kits
    To keep your photo equipment dust-free, you can choose between lense pens with a felt tip as well as a brush end, lens cleaning wipes or a full kit that comes with gloves, cloths, swabs, an air blower, and a powder head.
  • Screen protector
    Whether they’re made from glass or plastic, make sure to get the size for your camera screen and that the screen protector will still let you use your touch screen if you have one.
  • Lens Cap Keeper
    Never lose your lens cap again with an elastic band that fits almost any DSLR or CSC.