Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

As easy as it is to download images from the internet, it is even easier to use them without the corresponding license for their own (Commercial) use. This loss of income caused to the author/proprietor of the image is not known to most people. Lapixa takes on the task to find the illegal use of your images on the internet and to track them. Whether photographer, agency or company, we treat your images with the respect they deserve. You decide comfortably with one click which of your used images will be licensed and / or legally tracked. We take over the rest for you – from prefiltering of the found copies, to case documentation through to the transfer of the case to the appropriate legal person. With Lapixa at your side, you can focus on what really matters: working on your images/photography/portfolio.
Being a part of LAPIXA means that you never have to worry about illegal use of your images. Our search technology finds even the most heavily edited images effortlessly! In addition, each reference is individually screened again to show you results that are relevant to you. LAPIXA stands for unrivaled customer satisfaction! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your personal account manager. We are always there for you and your needs!
Working with LAPIXA is completely free for you. We take over almost all of the work – the only thing you have to do is upload your pictures and decide which of the found websites should be followed. Only if the case is successfully enforced, do we receive a commission of 43%.

The Process

Working with us is quick and easy:

Step 1 – Register for our service by signing up for the LAPIXA Monitorer

Step 2 – Upload your pictures

Step 3 – We find illegal uses of your images and filter them for you

Step 4 – You decide which of the websites you want to legally pursue

Step 5 – We take care of the legal tracing through our global network of attorneys

No you don’t. We have the legal responsibility to enforce your cases
Since copyrights are quickly violated, we are particularly concerned only with the pursuit of copyright infringements for commercial purposes. This means that we are primarily focused on uses in which your image is trying to make money,
This is differs from case to case. Our team and network of selected attorneys are always working hard to enforce the rights of your images in as timely a manner as possible.
Your personal contact is always at your disposal.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call +49 30 208 984 210.

Our network of carefully selected partner chaplains/attorneys/counselors takes care of the rights of your pictures on the spot.

We currently have partner offices in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, France, USA, Norway, Finnland and Canada.

We are working hard to expand our network with top lawyers in other nations of the world.

The LAPIXA Monitorer

We offer you probably the most innovative user environment/interface currently in the market. In the LAPIXA Monitorer you upload your images, can view the relevant websites illegally using your images and decide which should be pursued.

No matter when, no matter where: With the modern and clear design of the Monitorer, you always keep an eye on the complete process of your images

The registration to our Monitorer is child’s play: just go to the “Login” button on our website, enter your first and last name and your e-mail address on the next page – You’re Done!
The Monitorer is more than just an ordinary user interface. Not only is it innovative, it offers you a user-friendly design, efficient overview and ease of operation no matter where you are. Whether at home, or on the road with your smartphone, with the Monitorer you always stay up to date!

Images & Cases

Your pictures are uploaded with just a few clicks. To do this, you simply have to register for the LAPIXA Monitorer and upload your images under the “Pictures” menu item. If you have a large number of pictures, we also offer you the possibility to upload your pictures via an FTP interface.
The images must have at least 500 pixels at the short edge.
For now, you have the possibility to upload 2000 images in your LAPIXA Monitorer. If however you would like to upload more images, it is not a problem. Just let us know.
After you have uploaded your images, we will immediately start searching for their unauthorized uses online. The search is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to show you exclusively trackable matches, it may take one to two weeks until you get results in your Monitorer. This is because we check all the matches we find manually and pre-filter them for you. You will be notified immediately as soon as we find new hits. So you can only see the matches, which are potentially traceable.
No, all matches are pre-filtered by LAPIXA and are subject to legal scrutiny, so that any case that is displayed by us is potentially traceable. This saves you a lot of time and allows for the legal process to be carried out efficiently and quickly.
Yes you do. No case will be submitted without your consent. The matches you select can be checked with ease and released by just one click. Only after you release them, do we we proceed with any further steps.
Once you have released a case for legal pursual, you can view the current status and all information about the case in the LAPIXA Monitorer. In addition, there is a possibility to communicate directly with the LAPIXA Legal team about the specific case and the exchange of necessary documents – Everything is simple and uncomplicated with the LAPIXA Monitorer.
If you do not have an invoice value for your image, the value of the image is automatically calculated using the MFM table. In the case of a breach of copyright by the copyright owner, 100% markup is automatically calculated. If you have an invoice value, you can add it by using the comment function in the Monitorer.