Heard about Photo Insurance? A Worthy Thought

With the advent and a steady progress in the technology sector, many new areas of interests have arisen which has led to the creation of possible newer forms of employment. However, it has also created its own set of associated risks.

Dedicating yourself to a professional life in photography is not a cheap affair and you must already be mulling over this in your mind.  Additionally, there are unfortunate scenarios of a damaged camera, lens, nonfunctional memory card, and more such seemingly insoluble challenges you face as a photographer.

But how can you as a photographer avoid such annoying risks? Have you thought about Insurance? In the following, we have a small potpourri of possible Insurance solutions, which can help you in your decision-making process.

The classic camera insurance

We suggest that you take a closer look at the different range of services that are in offerings. It is important to see exactly which items are explicitly covered by the insurance and which cases are not considered by the insurance company.

Photographers should ask themselves the following questions while completing a camera insurance: What is the co-insurance? Is the amount insured freely selectable? How flexible is the insurance? Does insurance give me protection abroad?

The all-risks insurance

In addition, you should consider which are cases covered by the insurance policy. An all-risk insurance provides more legal certainty and should cover all risks, including theft, except for unpredictable risks or gross negligence. Of course, the individual service offer must be considered as well.

Some insurance companies also pay for self-imposed acts, scratching or scratching of the lenses, damage to the underwater equipment, theft in the car, in aircraft or boats, if they are supervised.

The general household insurance

Perhaps you ask at this point whether classical household insurance is suitable as an effective means of protecting the photographic equipment?

On the one hand, you have the cheap price of the household insurance and on the other, you have a lower volume compared to more specific insurance models. It is usually restricted to the time value of the camera equipment and offers no protection for special cases such as water damage or falls.

Insurance cover letter

Frequently while buying a camera, extended warranties are offered, which also intervene in cases of theft. At first sight, such insurance cover letter appears to be a favourable offer. Nevertheless, they rarely apply to objects other than the purchased ones and do not permit the inclusion of later acquired equipment in the policy. In addition, this insurance service is often limited locally.

Professional liability insurance

A photographer must observe, besides his equipment, the typical career risks that his job entails. A badly laid cable, a fallen camera or the inattentiveness of the photographer or of one of his coworkers can always cause problems.

Therefore, the conclusion of a professional liability insurance is particularly recommendable. This can cover damages caused by the photographer himself or by one of his employees during the performance of the professional activity. This restricts the unlimited private liability of photographers, thus providing protection against financial losses due to unpredictable legal claims for damages by third parties.

The most common cases where a professional liability insurance is challenged are real estate damages, personal injury or property damage. Treatment costs and pain relief are usually also recorded when a customer is injured due to an unfortunate coincidence.


An insurance policy, which relates to the protection of equipment or photography during the pursuit of professional activity always offers more comprehensive protection than conventional insurance. However, the individual design of the insurance of each individual supplier must always be considered.

It is also important not to ignore the latest dangers for photographers. For example, cyber-attacks or drones are causing a certain amount of excitement. Whether and how these risks are captured by insurance providers are only known by themselves.

Therefore, you should always have clarified all possible questions before signing a contract. And you should not forget: not only insurance costs can be high also the costs for a possible compensation.

We have tried to summarise the best of Insurance options for your perusal and with this article, we hope that your normal worries of damages are covered and you can go ahead to shoot amazing photographs.

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Your LAPIXA team

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