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How does LAPIXA help you as a photographer, Andreas Riedmiller?

Landscape photographer Andreas Riedmiller reports on copyright infringements in the interview with LAPIXA

In the blog “” Andreas Riedmiller shows pictures, texts and stories, which motivate for sustainable travel. It allows readers to participate in the travel experiences through their unique visual language. We talked to him about his experience in copyright infringement, and how LAPIXA helped the photographer.

LAPIXA: Who is Andreas Riedmiller
Andreas Riedmiller: I am photographing reports and travel themes in the area of landscape, nature and ecology. Am a freelancer photographer and the blog “” is my job.

LAPIXA: In your opinion, what is a good photographer?
Andreas Riedmiller: A good photographer can put himself in his motifs, expresses the personality of the person and the mood of the landscape in his pictures.

LAPIXA: What would you like to achieve as a photographer?
Andreas Riedmiller: The viewers should be touched by my pictures. In addition, my blog is to inspire the reader and bring inspiration and joy.

LAPIXA: Blog author, photographer or nature- ambassador?
Andreas Riedmiller: I show in my blog “” Photo reportages. Experiences from encounters with people and discoveries I had while taking pictures outside in nature. It is important for me to motivate, to make connections understandable and to create emotions.

LAPIXA: What were your first experiences with copyright infringements?
Andreas Riedmiller: One of my first publications was used unauthorized for decades as a postcard.

LAPIXA: How did you hear about LAPIXA?
Andreas Riedmiller: I discovered LAPIXA in a video about Photokina at Foto-TV.

LAPIXA: How has the cooperation developed?
Andreas Riedmiller: The cooperation is good, they are friendly and the support is fast. LAPIXA is easy to operate without any time effort. All elements are understandable and practical. I like the fact that problem cases are pre-sorted and I am spared a lot of time. The rights clearance is done with fairness. I can concentrate on my work and will not be distracted.

LAPIXA: Your recommendation for other photographers?
Andreas Riedmiller: The temptation to use images unauthorized is huge. LAPIXA takes over the rights clearance and makes sure that elaborately produced image is re-licensed. LAPIXA gives me a good overview and allows me to see how many images from my blog are used illegally on the web.

LAPIXA: Concluding Words?
Andreas Riedmiller: If digital value creation is not recognized on the Internet, creative work loses its value and appropriate remuneration is lost.

LAPIXA: We would be at the end of our interview. Thank you very much for this interview.

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Your LAPIXA team