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At LAPIXA we understand that dealing with copyright infringement is a daunting task, so we’ve made it our mission to make each step as stress-free as possible. With search customization and bulk uploads, you get precise results in a short amount of time. Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can relax as the system scans the internet 24/7. Scroll down to see just how simple retrieving your content can be.

How LAPIXA Works

1. Register

Ready to give it a go? Register free of charge with up to 10 images, or start immediately with one of our pro plans for professionals. Start risk free for the first 14 days with our money-back guarantee.

2. Upload Images

After registration, you can immediately get started uploading your content. Upload your images easily in bulk uploads, connecting to socials, or manually.

3. Find Matches

Sit back and relax—your part is done! Now that your content has been uploaded, our software continuously scans the internet for your images. We will regularly update you via email, and you can also view your matches on your dashboard at any time.

4. Review

As many stolen images are often subtly altered, our system also finds edited versions of your image. On your LAPIXA dashboard, you can filter by accuracy and personally review all matches. When you find a match that violates copyright law, you can submit the case to us and get free consolation from our international legal team.

5. Submit Your Case

If you want feedback from our legal team, you can submit your case with no financial commitment. Submissions can be completed individually or in bulk. After you submit your case, the legal team will give you personalized advice.

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