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Leave time-consuming legal processes to our international network of lawyers

If you don’t recover any money, we don’t see a dime.

Our business is giving you back control of your images – we do everything we can to win your case. 

After submitting your case, LAPIXA will handle all legal action for you. We’ve assembled an international team of legal experts specializing in copyright law who close cases quickly so that you’re not waiting months for results. Save valuable time and money with our powerful technology and legal team. Our incentive is clear – we only get paid when you get paid.

The Legal Process – Behind the Scenes


After reviewing the match and confirming that it was not a part of a previous collaboration, you can submit your case in just one click!

Case Tracking

From the moment a case is submitted, you can track the progress on your dashboard. For LAPIXA to help you take legal action, the case must meet specific criteria. This includes; you must be the sole owner of the copyright of the image, the infringer is based in a country legally supported by us, the infringement is used commercially, and the contact details of the violators can be found. For more information on the requirements, visit our FAQs. Unfortunately, if these requirements are not met, then LAPIXA will not be able to pursue this specific case.


When we start a case, we begin to collect evidence of copyright infringement. Sometimes when contacted, companies will try to destroy the proof to avoid paying, which is why this is such a critical step.


Once the documentation is complete, LAPIXA will contact the copyright infringer and enter into negotiations to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. Please keep in mind that while we strive for quick results, this is still a legal process with many people involved. This process can take up to a few months if one party is unwilling to reach an agreement.


Once an agreement has been settled, LAPIXA transfers your share of the settlement. Congratulations! You’ve officially won your case!

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