Tips from the Pro: This is how Landscape Photography Succeeds

A breathtaking sunrise, snow-capped mountains or a deep blue lake – landscape photography brings out the mysterious beauty of nature. The prerequisite is that the camera captures the natural spectacle according to all the rules of the art. With LAPIXA s six rules of landscape photography you can easily achieve the perfect nature picture.

For landscape photography you need a tripod

In order to get a professional landscape picture, you should never take pictures with your hand. A tripod – alternatively a bean bag – is mandatory in landscape photography so that your pictures do not blur. A tripod, which can be variably adjusted in height and can also be used on uneven surfaces such as stones or sand, offers you unlimited possibilities. When buying, make sure that a spirit level is integrated so that you can perfectly align the horizon for your landscape shots. A little tip: In addition to the tripod, you should use a remote release in landscape photography to avoid the slightest camera shake when the release is pressed.

One, two, three – lots of thirds

For exciting images in landscape photography, you should follow the rule of thirds. This means that either a third of the horizon or a third of the earth should be visible in the picture. The same applies to your main subject, such as a house or a mountain, which is positioned using the rule of thirds. This is how you bring sharpness and tension into your nature picture.

In landscape photography, the foreground makes the images round

Give your landscape picture a lot of depth and captivate the viewer. As? Very simple: Use an impressive foreground! A prominent rock, brightly colored flowers, or a distinctive pattern in the sand all work well in landscape photography, especially since you can get very close to the foreground with a wide-angle lens. It’s worth getting down on your knees for that.

Keep ISO low

In landscape photography, nothing beats good image quality to bring out all the details in the right light. Many landscape photos are printed in large format so that the smallest quality defects become visible. High ISO values ​​cause noise in the image, so it is better to set them to the lowest value of 50, 100 or 200. In this way, your recording will always be noise-free.

Let there be light!

The early bird catches the worm! This rule also applies to landscape photography! So take advantage of the early morning hours – just after sunrise, when the light casts long shadows and all colors take on an intensely mythical, golden shimmer. You get the same effect just before sunset. Your pictures will be particularly spectacular during the blue hour, just before sunrise or after sunset. With a high exposure time you can capture the sky in its most beautiful shades of blue. However, you should avoid midday for landscape photos, because the light is very hard, which has a negative effect on the color depth and thus on the radiance of the picture.

By the way : A cloudy day is ideal for a perfect landscape photo. The sky gets an exciting structure and supports long exposures.

Flashlight with you?

It sounds very banal, but have you thought about proper clothing? Unlike product photography in a warm studio, landscape photography is often wet and cold and anything but comfortable. So unless you’re shooting in the Caribbean, think about protective clothing. Very important: Pack a flashlight, especially if you want to photograph a beautiful sunset. The darkness of nature takes you by surprise, but with the help of a flashlight, you can safely find your way back to civilisation.

Exceptions confirm the rules of landscape photography

Are you entering a new area of ​​professional photography with landscape shots? Remember that there is a lot of truth in the saying “practice makes perfect”. Grab your equipment and go out into nature! Different perspectives, a change in focal length, or working with a filter: these are all ways to hone your landscape photography skills from shot to shot! This is how you capture the perfect natural spectacle for eternity!

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