Top 25 Essential Websites for Photographers

With so much information online, it’s easy to lose focus on where to look. We found you the top 25 trusted photography websites you need as a professional photographer in order to

  • Make money with your photos through stock photos and contests;
  • Showcase them;
  • Join a like-minded community;
  • Learn about legal issues;
  • Increase your knowledge and
  • Find the perfect gear.

And for auditory and visual learners, we included our top 5 YouTube channels as well.

Top 5 websites to sell you stock photos (and find inspiration)

Become inspired by other photographers and make money by selling your best photos on the following sites:

PS: Check out these tips on how to create stock photos that sell.

Three communities for photographers

Find like-minded people, gear reviews, and answers to all your burning questions about photography here:

Learn about photography

as well as editing, marketing yourself as a photographer and much more at:

Photography gear review

Find the perfect equipment for your needs on these websites:

Top 5 YouTube channels for photographers

Up your knowledge about shooting and editing, get inspiration, and hear about the newest, greatest gear:

Popular photo contests

Showcase your work and win (monetary) prizes and awards:

Photography and legal issues

What shouldn’t be in your photo and what to do if you find out your photo has been stolen:
Things & locations that shouldn’t be in your stock photos

What to do when you find your images used by someone without your permission:
Everything about copyright